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The Why

Speed matters. It impacts your conversion rate, bounce rate, and search rankings. In short, speed matters for your bottom line.

But making your store faster isn’t easy. Hiring a developer to find and fix speed issues isn’t cheap. That’s why we made Hyperspeed. We use cutting edge technology to rewrite your theme code so that you stop losing customers to slow speeds.

Hyperspeed did what no one else could. Our store speed literally increased by 50% without having to remove critical apps or design changes. Worth every penny.

Sand Dollar Dubai

Brilliant app. Brilliant developers. These guys really know their stuff. Thank you so much for helping us with speed improvements.

VPA Australia

Superb application, incredibly well-realized. This goes miles towards solving one of the biggest problems Shopify store owners face with their stores: slow loading times.

Whitaker Brothers

The How


Make Big Things Smaller

In your store, there are a lot of assets like images, JavaScript files and CSS files. These are often bigger than they need to be.

We make images smaller by compressing them. This means we lower their quality to save space, but do it in a way that’s not noticable to the human eye.

We load the right sized image in each situation using responsive image sizes. Mobile and desktop screens need different image sizes, so we make sure to load the right ones.

We make JavaScript and CSS files smaller by minifying them. We take away the empty space and superfluous characters so that the code runs the same way with less fluff.


Load Unnecessary Things Later

Not everything needs to be loaded at the beginning. Only the assets you need 'above the fold' are necessary when your shop loads initially.

We delay unnecessary images and videos from being downloaded until needed using LazyLoad. As images and videos are some of the biggest assets on your store, this can make your pages load much faster.

We only load essential styling code and defer the rest using Inline Critical CSS. Not every part of your stylesheets is needed initially, so we extract the essential parts and load those first. 

For most apps, they're not needed until the user starts interacting with the page. We'll defer non-essential apps to only load when user behaviour begins.

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