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Boost sales, lower bounce rates and supercharge SEO by optimizing your Shopify store for speed.

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Make speed the first thing your customers see.

Hyperspeed loads the part of your shop that users see first to make the first load seem instant. Your shop's first contentful paint is improved by reducing tag loads from the critical path.

Same files, but teeny tiny.

Minify Javascript and CSS assets to improve pagespeed, reduce load times and deliver a fast user experience.

Compress your images without losing quality.

Hyperspeed uses latest image compression techniques for either lossy or lossless compression, for a 30-70% reduction in image sizes.

The right image sizes for each device.

Deliver the most appropriate resolution images for the user's device. Hyperspeed does this by creating multiple resolutions for each image.

Only load images when visitors need them.

We use Lazy loading to make sure the images below the fold are loaded only when necessary. Sites that use this technique include Medium and Pinterest.

Make animated content blazing fast.

Hyperspeed helps users reduce data usage by converting giant GIFs into fast video files that behave just like GIFs.

Always know how your site is performing.

Every app you install may cause a decrease in performance. Hyperspeed continuously track regressions in performance and identifies third party apps that are slowing down your app.

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